Born in Moldova, Kishinev, Alina Gorun showed her artistic traits since childhood, by writing poetry and performing in front of her friends and family. Her first written poem was at six years of age.She attended the School of Performing Arts, where Alina learned to play accordion and dance. But her big love was acting, performing in school plays and attending acting classes.

Due to very limited opportunities in TV/Film, she went to study Finance, with major in Bank and Stock Exchange.

In 2006 she had a chance to come to the U.S. and pursue her dream. Located in Las Vegas, she started as a model, working for companies such as BCBG, Wella, Sony, Marciano, MGM,  Encore and others.

Her first movie role was  an independent Sci Fi feature called “Warriors Element ” where she played the lead role. A girl with an uncertain past trying to fight the Evil, her dad, with the biggest power she had, Fire.

In 2010 she decided to move to the city of dreams, Los Angeles. Here  She worked on several TV shows and Movies. The most recent role is the lead in the upcoming Drama called ” Motel Hollywood” where she plays a troubled Transexual trying to find her place in Hollywood and become a Famous Entertainer. Another lead role was in an acclaiming thriller “American Violence”, which is expected to be released in 2015, and is generating a great buzz in the film industry.